Corporate Team Building Companies: What to Look For

Sometimes people have a negative association with the very idea of “team building” – often because they had a corporate team building experience in the past that they found did not help their work.  Here are some of the ways Best TeamBuilding fights this connotation (and items to look for when considering who to hire to run your next corporate event).

  1. Expertise.  Our programs are based on a needs assessment of your group. Our Professional Development division ensures that even our most fun programs were designed with team building in mind. Our expert program creators and lead facilitators average over 15 years of experience each.  And we are always able to adjust on the fly because we know what works and why.  You will always have our team’s top-notch knowledge working on your behalf.
  2. Relevance. Elements of our programs tie together in ways that often astonish our clients.  From the very first icebreaker, every task supports the professional development goals we’ve been asked to focus on, from collaborative idea sharing to trust and accountability.  Participants have a ton of fun, but they don’t feel like their time was wasted.
  3. Equality. Our programs are never a place for upper management to belittle their workforce, nor a touchy-feely emotional rollercoaster; instead, they provide powerful playing fields where teams forge connections, learning about themselves, others, and the group as a whole.

It is our pleasure to be the largest team building company in America and we work every day to prove that, in our hands, “team building” can be a positive and powerful (and fun) experience for your team.

Game Show Team Building Events: Video of the Week

Most game show-themed team building events involve only a few participants at a time: those who are currently up on stage.  Not ours.  We offer some of the most technologically advanced game show programs available anywhere and they involve every single person in the room thanks to our hand-held interactive keypads.  And as large group specialists, Best TeamBuilding can run Game Shows for over 1000 guests at a time, creating big fun for big groups!  Check out the video!

Fun team building events for large corporate groups, Game Shows
Click image for the Corporate Game Shows video and information page!

IMEX 2012 Wrap-Up

The Best TeamBuilding team had an extraordinarily great time at IMEX 2012 in Las Vegas earlier this month, forging new relationships and reconnecting with our clients and colleagues during the three-day conference. One event planner, who had viewed a bunch of our videos on the 7-foot iPad, stayed to enthusiastically chat with several members of our staff for almost half an hour, after which she exclaimed, “You guys must put on great events; I’m having so much fun just talking to you that I can’t wait to see you in action!”

Needless to say, our giant iPad was a giant hit. We got comments every day about how innovative the idea is, how visually compelling it is, and how easily it lets DMCs instantly see video of a specific program. Wait until they see what we have planned for next year!

Best TeamBuilding staff poses in front of 7 foot iPad at Imex American 2012 in Las Vegas
Some Best TeamBuilding® teammates pose in front of our 7-foot iPad which was simultaneously running 24 different program videos on 24 iPad2s during IMEX America. L to R: Patricia, Scott, Cathy, Christine, Ray, Dyanne, and Phil.

Mission Possible Scavenger Hunt in D.C.: Video of the Week

Picture this: Our lead facilitators in Washington, D.C. are running a Mission Possible-themed SmartHunts program for our client, a major defense contractor in the intelligence field. We had facilitators dressed as spies running secret missions for the participants from the Capital Building to the Lincoln Memorial, from museums to monuments to the mall. It’s late July and over 100 degrees, but this group was one of many to find a way to beat the heat as they recorded their “Team Introduction” video on their SmartHunts iPads. Too funny!

Incorporating iPad Innovation in Team Building Events

“Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it.” -Richard Bach

There have been hundreds of articles this back-to-school season (try Googling ‘iPads in classrooms’) about how various educational institutions, from elementary schools to venerated places of higher learning, are incorporating technology into their classrooms and curricula.  What’s so magical about iPads?  Quite a lot, it turns out.  This article by Ashley Wilson points out that not only are tech-savvy kids more engaged by apps and interactive learning tools, but they’re also getting the most up-to-date information from a very portable and slim source – a far cry from the heavy thousand-page textbooks, already outdated, of the past.

Here at Best TeamBuilding, we know this doesn’t only apply to children.  We embrace the best of what the iPad can offer, supplying one to every single team that participates in our SmartHunts team building events, and incorporating its paper-free, green, video-taking, instant tracking, information-filled abilities into many of our other scavenger hunts and team building programs as well.  The capabilities of the SmartHunts app, which we continually upgrade, are amazing. Just as a motivated teacher will make sure all the benefits of our wired age end up in the hands of her students, we believe in making certain our clients get the incredible advantage that the very latest technology gives them.  We are proud to be the only company in the world offering SmartHunts!

Bike Build Donation with iPads®: Video of the Week

Though we are always proud when one of our clients chooses a charitable giving program and gives back to the community, it is particularly poignant when we hear back from recipients of those donations. After a recent Bike Build Donation program, during which teams collaborated on uniquely fast-paced, high-tech challenges only Best TeamBuilding® and our cache of iPads can offer, our charity contact told us about some of the kids who received the bikes. Talk about heartwarming!

Here’s Asia’s story, as we were told it: an only child, Asia lives alone with her mom, who is fighting cancer. Since most of the family’s money has gone to medical bills, they were not expecting to be able to give each other gifts this year. When the bike, helmet, and lock were delivered to Asia’s house, her mom started to cry from gratitude. Asia, of course, is thrilled and can’t wait to learn how to ride her very first bicycle.

We are delighted to offer so many charitable CSR programs and honored to be a part of the incredible stories that unfold when our corporate clients choose to give back.

Build a Bike CSR team building programClick image for the Bike Build Donation with iPads video and information page!

7-Foot iPad to Debut at IMEX America 2012

You probably already know that Best TeamBuilding will have booth #2224 at this year’s IMEX America Convention on October 9-11 in Las Vegas, one of the world’s premiere exhibitions for incentive travel, meetings, and events. You may also be aware that one of our extraordinary Managing Partners, Roy Charette, will be presenting in The Inspiration Center on October 10th at 11:30 am. The Center, in a space sponsored by the Convention Industry Council, showcases insightful workshops about the cutting edge of the meeting planning industry. To set up an appointment with us in advance, click here.

What you might not know yet is that we will be debuting our brand new super-sized iPad replica at IMEX as well.  At seven foot four, well over two hundred pounds, and containing twenty-four iPad2s, it’s the largest addition to our team, and we can’t wait for you to see it in person at in our booth!  Join us on the cutting edge of corporate events.