Team Building Games: A Minute 2 Win It! Video of the Week

What do the following phrases have in common? Nose Dive. Hoop Dance. Card Ninja. Separation Anxiety.  Give up?  They are all hilarious games that may be played during a fast-paced program called A Minute 2 Win It!  Check out this video of teams dealing with everyday items (from balloons to cotton balls to plastic cups) in unique and challenging ways.  Sneaking in serious teamwork while everyone’s having an absolute blast?  Priceless!

Corporate Team Specialists for Large Group Activities

Light is the task where many share the toil.” -Homer

If you’ve seen any of the photos or videos of our corporate programs, you’ve probably noticed that there are often huge groups, hundreds or even thousands of participants, pictured.  We call ourselves large group specialists because our team building events have been carefully crafted to work for a wide variety of group sizes and because our facilitators have extensive experience handling stadium-filling crowds.  We often hear clients marveling at how easily the Best TeamBuilding® facilitators instantaneously captured the attention of eight hundred employees who tend toward distraction.  Each program on our website ( shows exactly how many people it can accommodate, with numerous options for groups of a thousand or more.  So don’t worry about your group size!  We love a challenge – and we love exceeding your expectations even more!

Large group activities organized by Best TeamBuilding

Team Building Overview (What We Do): Video of the Week

It only takes one time through this two-minute video to see that not only do our clients have an incredibly fun time when we facilitate a corporate team-building program for them, but that their groups actually come together, bond, and emerge stronger and better able to get back to work.  Our passion is helping your team find success, and we are honored to do so every single day, all over the country!

New and Upgraded Team Building Programs

“The world is advancing. Advance with it!” –Giuseppe Mazzini

As the nation’s leader in team-based corporate entertainment, we here at Best TeamBuilding® are constantly refining, adjusting, and adding to our roster of stellar programs.  And now, on, you can see the fruits of our latest efforts, expanded corporate programming that includes:

• New Corporate Game Shows
• New SmartHunts® Adventures
• New Charitable CSR programs
• New iPad® versions of our most popular programs

Competition to Collaboration™: Video of the Week

Best TeamBuilding’s extraordinary program Competition to Collaboration™ offers your team the opportunity to explore several amazing aspects of corporate improvement: not only will everyone have a blast working together to excel at challenging tasks, but they will also discover the power of sharing their knowledge with each other.  So even as they’re jumping for joy and high-fiving each other (see the video below) they’re learning the true meaning of Ken Blanchard’s saying “none of us is as smart as all of us” – and they are bound to apply that improved mindset when back at work.  The feedback about this program is incredible!

Corporate Event Planning: The Power of Meeting Face to Face

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.” -Unknown

If you are in the corporate event planning business, whether you’re a DMC or Planner, you are often so busy these days that finding the time for a face-to-face meeting can be a challenge.  Experience has shown us, however, that once you meet our passionate and dynamic Managing Partners, the meetings quickly turn into valuable, collaborative brainstorming sessions.  We have had first-time meetings that result in proposals being sent to clients as quickly as the very same day – and, of course, many of those proposals are accepted!  We pride ourselves on succinctly, but spectacularly, showing your team exactly why we are the largest team building company in America and how we make your job easier.  We have offices nationwide, so call us to schedule a meeting at (800) 849-TEAM.  We look forward to meeting you!

“Momentous” Corporate Teamwork Activities: Charity Bike Build

A client shared this beautifully shot video of one of our corporate teamwork activities that we recently ran for their event: the Charity Bike Build program. Here’s what they said: “The bike build was momentous for our team and we’re happy to share our feedback with you!  We are so happy to have found your team! Keep being innovative with your team building activities and we’ll keep hiring you!”

Getting to make their team stronger, helping underprivileged kids, and continuing to work with a stellar client?  We’re in!