Build-a-Wheelchair®: Video of the Week

Amongst the noisier elements of the Build-a-Wheelchair® charitable CSR program we’ve developed – the trivia answering, chair building, and obstacle course racing – is a lovely quiet moment where members of each team decorate the wheelchair for its worthy recipient. In this video, there’s a beautiful drawing, which says “May these wheels take you on your heart’s journey.”  It’s a heartwarming reminder that in addition to the fun and teamwork, participants are also doing genuine good.

Why Charitable Programs Help Teams Connect

“Light is the task where many share the toil.” -Homer

We here at Best TeamBuilding® find that charitable programs are incredibly effective at helping teams forge connections. Feedback from our thousands of ecstatic clients over the years has shown this to be accurate; when companies engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR), team building works.

When teams are focused on a significant, challenging task at hand – not on themselves – there’s no time nor need for self-consciousness.  Instead, they genuinely work together to overcome each step. It’s the difference between the thoughts one might have while doing the clichéd “trust fall” exercise (worries about one’s own physical proximity and safety) and the thoughts one might have while building a bike for a local underprivileged child who wouldn’t otherwise get to ride (focus on helping the team make the bicycle correctly and on the kid who will be overjoyed).

Teams can paint a breathtaking mural to brighten up a nearby hospice (Art of Giving) or assemble care packages for soldiers oversees (Operation Military Care) or assemble teddy bears and rocking horses (We Care for Kids™) – and whatever the charitable program, they’ll find they have truly bonded, truly worked as a cohesive group, and truly learned to collaborate, without having to think about it.  It’s a win-win: companies unselfishly help their communities and simultaneously learn team building trust that carries over long-term.

Build-a-Raft Competition: Video of the Week

Pool noodles and inner tubes are not a typical part of most office environments, which makes the Build-a-Raft Competition program featured in this video, out of the box fun! Perfect for a variety of water environments, this program helps teams discover skills they didn’t know they had, with unusual challenges and unexpected materials. Check out how much fun the groups are having!

Foodies Come Together for a Great Cause

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.” -Vesta Kelly

Our most recent Mural of the World® program took place in New Jersey, where one of the world’s largest companies – which includes several billion-dollar food-related brands – painted the clever mural pictured.  With hot dogs as the stripes on the American flag, a decorated biscuit as the British Union Jack, and various other countries’ flags represented by relevant foods, it’s a great reflection of this international group’s focus on food.

As with all Mural of the World programs, two copies of the mural were made, and one will be donated or auctioned as part of the company’s charitable giving while the other remains in the beautiful traveling Mural of the World collection, which contains art from organizations and communities all around the globe.

Bridge to the Future™: Video of the Week

Every time we facilitate our popular Bridge to the Future™ program, someone hears the explanation of what’s about to happen – that teams will be building sections of a cardboard bridge that will then be duct taped together and have a manned golf cart driven across it – and doubts it’s possible.  “Cardboard isn’t that strong,” he might say. But when the group succeeds and the bridge holds up, it’s these very same people who often feel the most connected to their team; just as pieces of cardboard, when put together just right, can hold up a multi-ton vehicle, the individuals of the team, when put together just right, find they have bonded and can do just about anything. Check out this video!

Best TeamBuilding Incorporates High-Tech into Corporate Events

“A successful team beats with one heart.” -Erin Howe

You might have noticed that more and more of the programs on have that little yellow label beside them that reads “iPads®”.  From our flagship high-tech scavenger hunt SmartHunts® (which uses the proprietary app we created) to culinary competitions like Fiesta Fun!™ and from our many charitable CSR programs to collaborative challenges like Catapult, we now incorporate the latest technology into what we offer.

There are numerous reasons this is a step in the right direction.  It’s green (old-timey scavenger hunts can use a lot of paper and other resources, none of which are necessary when everything’s self-contained in one iPad per team).  It’s streamlined. And most of all, it’s modern and fun! You can’t keep your team moving forward with outdated team building techniques, so we’re always developing, refining, and innovating what we offer. Welcome to the future!

Bike Build Donation with iPads®: Video of the Week

We’ve updated the tried and true bicycle donation program with the latest in technology: Apple® iPads®! Now not only do groups build strong teams while building bikes and take part in the heartwarming presentation of the bikes to deserving children, but they also use our proprietary SmartHunt app to progress through the program. No paper garbage, no muss. It’s the latest innovation in one of the most popular charitable corporate events of all time and we’re proud to have innovated it!

We Put the Team in TeamBuilding

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” -Japanese proverb

Having met and worked with so many DMCs, planners, and corporate managers, we know that those who make their living organizing events are already experts at the details of their job: working with clients, knowing the logistics of their destination, building upon their connections to various industries to arrange a conference or meeting perfectly. So they’re always delighted to find that we here at Best TeamBuilding add to the ease and quality of their work.

Why?  Because we’re experts at what we do, too. As the largest team building company in America, we have deep roots, experienced facilitators, and innovative delivery systems, all of which means that we augment what they are already doing.  Our team’s expertise supports their team’s expertise, which supports the client’s eventual improved teamwork thanks to our effective programs.

In short, we help those who help companies thrive.  We help planners plan.  And we put the team in team building!