Corporate Events Go Green

“We all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future.” –John F. Kennedy

The web page for every program we offer here at Best Corporate Events includes a section called “Eco Elements” which details the ways in which it’s green. For example, all materials used might be reused, recycled, or donated. Or we may be able to theme the entire program around an eco theme. The biggest way in which we’ve upgraded our offerings, though, is by including iPads! Since the trivia questions, assembly instructions, and other information are now all on the iPads instead of printed; popular programs like Bike Build Donation and SmartHunts are entirely paperless.

When you’re looking for a team building program that fits your company’s needs, don’t neglect to consider whether your selection includes consideration for the planet.  Ours do, and we’re proud to explain how on every program page!

Best Corporate Events and SmartHunts® Hit the Big Apple!

“New York, New York! A helluva town!” –Bernstein, Comden, and Green, authors of ‘On the Town’

SmartHunts, our high-tech scavenger hunts featuring an Apple iPad for every team, are spreading! As part of our partnership with Planet Hollywood® and Buca di Beppo®, SmartHunts® are now available in Las Vegas… and the one and only Times Square in the heart of New York City!  Whether it’s sightseeing throughout the area and running into celebrity look-a-likes who help you on your journey or bonding with the Godfather’s ‘family,’ these programs are unique, full of energy, and incredibly fun! Plus, they actively make teams better at collaborating and sharing information.  We’re proud to offer SmartHunts that include dinner and drinks at a star-studded location, right in the heart of the Big Apple!

Top Ten Events

“Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.” -John C. Maxwell

Clients often ask which programs are our best sellers, so we’ve launched a new page on the Best Corporate Events website: Top Ten Events!  It features our most popular events – with links to their individual pages containing full descriptions, videos, and requirements – and will be updated every six months with the latest data.  Looking for team building programs that have been honed to perfection and truly work?  You’ve found them!

Best TeamBuilding and SmartHunts in Meetings Focus Magazine

“We just did a program… where half their group was in Calgary and the other half in New Orleans. They did a hunt together in two countries in two time zones!” – Best TeamBuilding CEO Scott Flynn, as quoted in the article

Last month, Meetings Focus magazine interviewed our CEO Scott Flynn for a piece about how technology has changed the face of team building.  The article, written by Paul D. Kretkowski, starts with our trademarked SmartHunts, the only offering which includes an iPad for every team.  It discusses the advantages of a paper-free program: it’s more immersive, better for the planet, can change on the fly, automatically uploads media and tallies scores, memorializes the event with photos and videos shot from the team’s iPads, and can incorporate local landmarks or present company knowledge in a fun way.

We are always delighted to get to enthusiastically share what we’ve spent several years developing into the only iPad-based proprietary scavenger hunt around – and why we believe its advantages make it one of the best, most technologically-advanced corporate events on earth!

SmartHunts®: Video of the Week

There are a lot of reasons that SmartHunts® are a step beyond a regular old phone-based scavenger hunt, and every one of those reasons contributes to why we’re the only choice for a company seeking a high-tech, high-energy program.  See those iPads throughout the video below? We provide those to every participating team, pre-loaded with our proprietary app, which no other team building company offers. While other folks rely on text, our SmartHunts can use video, photos, mapping, QR codes, messaging, and interactive clues to create an experience unlike any other!

BizBash Features Best TeamBuilding’s SmartHunts

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” -Mattie Stepanek

When BizBash, one of the top news sources for event planning and ideas, recently wrote an article about the future of scavenger hunts being in high-tech options, we knew we were doing something right. In fact, we are the only team building company to offer iPads® with a proprietary SmartHunts app to every team who takes part in a SmartHunt, and BizBash interviewed us about that, ultimately putting us first on their list of Digital Scavenger Hunts. We agree that they are “a great way to get people interacting and collaborating” – and our years of experience perfecting our iPad app and refining our programs mean that we are ready to rock even large groups and teams based in multiple cities!

SmartHunts Introduces Entertainment Hunts in Las Vegas

SmartHunts were already the most high-tech team building scavenger hunts offered anywhere – no other company offers iPads to every team with the proprietary SmartHunts app that offers challenges, tracks points, and collects photos and videos in real-time!  Now, we’ve upped the ante, in sizzling Las Vegas, with added entertainment that’s truly “outside the box”.  Teams start in our partner company’s locations (Planet Hollywood® or Bucca di Beppo®) and interact with incredible celebrity look-a-likes on their journey that truly brings the activities to life.  It’s team building like never before, and of course includes a full meal in addition to all the fun.

Check out Planet Hollywood’s Celebrity SmartHunt and Buca di Beppo’s Dinner with the Mob SmartHunt, plus lots more about our other high-tech corporate events, at!

Three Outdoor Team Building Events to Shake Off the Winter Blues

This year on Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil forecasted an early spring, so it’s about time to enjoy the promise of that warm weather. Though some parts of the country have had lingering snowstorms, we’re finally facing the last of the chilly forecasts.  What better way to embrace the sunshine than by planning your next corporate team building event? We offer numerous spectacular outdoor programs!

Amazing Chase
An event that can be held virtually anywhere, including a hotel or resort property, public park or city, Amazing Chase is a series of fun activities, including photo and stunt challenges for groups broken up into teams of 5-10. Race around a customized route completing the activities as you go, using your team’s own strategies to try and be declared the Amazing Chase Champions!

“The Amazing Chase was simply: amazing. We thought it would be a fun outdoor event but the structure of the program really brought out the unique strengths of the individuals on each team. Our group had a great time with your well organized program. Thank you so much!” -Stella, Honeywell International

Nothing announces ‘spring has arrived’ like running through a historic location or interesting venue in the sunshine!  Our SmartHunts are the most technologically-advanced scavenger hunts available, as we’re the only company that uses Apple iPads and our proprietary app to send teams out into the warm weather with an incredible array of challenges, trivia, and goals — all while keeping track of their locations as they explore the area.

“Many thanks to all of you for building and executing a great SmartHunts event for our attendees. The iPads were great and the slide show and videos at the end of the event were a terrific hit!” -Sue, Macy’s Inc.

Build-a-Raft Competition
In this high-energy program, teams compete to create, transport, and launch their own watercraft!  Perfect for outdoor pools, lakes, or even the ocean, this team building event makes the most of a wide open location and a bright sunny day!

“I had to pass along that our staff is still buzzing about the Build-a-Raft Competition last week. Everyone had a great time. The outdoor adventure was just outstanding, a real lifetime memory. Who would have thought that you could build boats out of the materials provided and then race them in the river. AMAZING!” -Matt, Penske Automotive

5 Ways to Choose the Right Team Building Activity

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” -Edward de Bono

As the biggest team building company in America, we have dozens of knowledgeable staff members ready to help you choose the right team building program for your group. It’s our pleasure to work closely with each client towards a customization that’s the best fit for his or her needs.  When you’re looking to narrow down your choices, here are some factors to consider:

1. Location, location, location! The venue or space in which the program will be held can be a key component in selecting activities.  Is it outdoors with lots of room, which might point towards a wide-ranging program like Catapult? Or indoors and already full of tables, which would indicate a culinary program might be a better fit? Knowing the exact room or area in which the program will be held is vital.

2. Well, would you look at the time? It’s important to have a good sense of the day’s schedule before you choose what program will fit. Are participants coming straight from another meeting or is this the first activity of the morning? Do you have two hours? Three? An entire day, which could be set aside for one of our in-depth Professional Development programs like Conflict Resolution or Time Management Training? Best TeamBuilding lead facilitators are always prepared to adjust the length of the program on the fly as required, but the more information they have up front, the better they can time the flow of the event.

3. Give it away, give it away, give it away now. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a workplace buzzword these days, and many companies take advantage of our wide variety of charitable programs to give back to their community while getting in some solid team building. It can be a great way to add extra heartwarming moments to an already impressive program. If your group is interested in incorporating philanthropy, consider one of our innovative CSR programs. If that isn’t the goal of your corporate event, that makes it easier to focus on what’s important about your particular upcoming team builder.

4. Let’s get physical. Different groups have different physical abilities. Some companies we work with are full of gung-ho fitness buffs ready for a challenge; some have members with limited mobility. Though of course no one is ever pushed into any activity with which he or she is not comfortable, it’s helpful to know in advance the way your group deals with physical tasks. Those who are ready to roll might prefer one of our zippy high-tech SmartHunts® or an engaging athletic competition like the Medal Games. Those less interested in physical challenges might lean towards calmer programs such as Art of Giving.

5. Winner winner! Every team building program forges relationships and trust between participants, but some programs contain a competition that ends with one or more winning teams — often via medals bestowed around their necks!  It’s great to know in advance whether you’re looking for a program that pits teams against each other, like culinary programs Fiesta Fun and Chili Cook-Off, or that urges collaboration throughout, like crowd pleaser Bridge to the Future.

Armed with the right information, you can easily select the best possible program to fit your needs. We’re happy to offer over 70 to choose from!

Best TeamBuilding Incorporates High-Tech into Corporate Events

“A successful team beats with one heart.” -Erin Howe

You might have noticed that more and more of the programs on have that little yellow label beside them that reads “iPads®”.  From our flagship high-tech scavenger hunt SmartHunts® (which uses the proprietary app we created) to culinary competitions like Fiesta Fun!™ and from our many charitable CSR programs to collaborative challenges like Catapult, we now incorporate the latest technology into what we offer.

There are numerous reasons this is a step in the right direction.  It’s green (old-timey scavenger hunts can use a lot of paper and other resources, none of which are necessary when everything’s self-contained in one iPad per team).  It’s streamlined. And most of all, it’s modern and fun! You can’t keep your team moving forward with outdated team building techniques, so we’re always developing, refining, and innovating what we offer. Welcome to the future!