Best Corporate Events – Build a (Mini) Golf Course for Charity

Charity Miniature Golf Course Build is a fun, socially responsible team builder, requiring your group to design and create unique one-of-a-kind mini golf holes.


Our Charity Miniature Golf Course Build now features Apple iPads® delivering text, audio and video clues, exciting gaming challenges, and the ability to capture and save all your memories of this truly heartwarming event with photos and video of your team in action. 

Green “carpeting” is provided as the putting surface and canned goods, boxed goods and other building materials are provided to create bumpers, turns and special obstacle challenges. Creativity, resource management and teamwork skills all come into play in this rewarding program.

A fun game of golf trivia is used to engage and rally the teams. Next, each player creates their very own competitive (and zany) golfer nickname to proudly wear on the back of their shirts.

Team members work together on the concept, construction, theme and rules of their hole as well as choosing various roles such as golfers, scorekeepers and course marshals.

With marshals ensuring that the rules of each hole are adhered to, the competition begins! Both newcomers and experienced golfers can enjoy this fun event and the winning team will be anyone’s guess!

Once the tournament is complete, the groceries will be boxed and presented to a local food bank. Other material used in the program, including paper products, will be recycled. Your team will feel a sense of accomplishment and the joy that comes from giving to those less fortunate.

Fiesta Fun!™: Video of the Week

Now this is one spicy team building program!  Check out the video of teams crafting the perfect guacamole, writing a hilarious jingle, and presenting their creations with care, all to the beat of Mexican music.  If you want your corporate event to include lots of collaboration – plus a healthy dose of competition – all mixed in with fun and sangria or margaritas, this Fiesta Fun program is the perfect choice!

Best TeamBuilding’s New Headquarters

We are growing fast. Not only is Best TeamBuilding and Corporate Events expanding nationwide with new offices and production facilities around the country, but our headquarters just got bigger too! Our new offices are in the beautiful town of Dunedin on the Gulf of Mexico, just 2 miles north of Clearwater Beach, Florida.

We christened our new meeting room with an East Coast Regional Directors’ brainstorming session about the integration of our iPads into 15 of our most popular team building programs.

Our East Coast Directors seated left to right: Roy Charette (Northeast Regional Partner), Celia Delgo (National Sales), Joe Groves (Director of Facilitation), Ray Assanti (Southeast Regional Partner), Scott Flynn (Founder and CEO), Thomas Boles (Accounting and Statistics), Diane Hendricks (Information Technology), Trish Flynn (Executive Assistant), Cathy Ruales (Business Manager), and Christine Roberson (National DMC Sales Manager). Missing from our East Coast directors meeting are Paul Petrus (National Sales – Orlando) and Bryan Burns (COO of SmartHunts – Boston).

We will be posting a video walk-through of our entire new facility in July when we have our semi-annual national conference for Best TeamBuilding and SmartHunts!

First Time Without Training Wheels: A Bike Build Story

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.” -Vesta Kelly

One of our Managing Partners, Ray, offers this heartwarming story.  Recently, he delivered Bike Build charitable programs for two large corporate groups back-to-back in New Orleans and then in Philadelphia.  (Needless to say, as one of our most experienced and busiest Lead Facilitators, Ray has a huge number of frequent flier miles!)  At both these events, once the participants were surprised by the arrival of the kids who would be the bicycle recipients, at Ray’s instruction the team members adjusted the height of the seat and handle bars for each child.

Then the real magic began.  For most of the kids, this would be their first bike ever, or at least their first without training wheels, so they were excited beyond words but did not actually know how to ride.  The teams began to teach the children, patiently and carefully, and within a half hour many were zipping around the room with pure joy.

“It was amazing to see it,” Ray reports, recalling the moments when these deserving recipients, helmets firmly fastened, balanced on their own and rode free.  “I get a lot out of seeing it right in front of my eyes.”  We know that the teams who create the bikes during the program, as well as the kids who receive them, absolutely get a lot of out it too!

Catapult: Video of the Week

Our Catapult program contains a lot of impressive moments, including the launch-for-distance portion, where teams are using their custom-created catapults to send their projectile as far as possible, and the distance-and-accuracy portion, where team members are dashing around the playing area in an attempt to catch their team’s objects.  A slightly less flashy, but equally important, section of the program is right near the start: when teams spend ten minutes looking over their supplies and available materials, discussing and planning their strategy.

All of the parts of Best TeamBuilding® and Corporate Events’ programs have a purpose – we never throw in filler just to take up time – and in this case the hands-off design phase forces teams to communicate, set goals, take inventory, and solve the upcoming task creatively.  Not coincidentally, these are all vital when they return back to their company.

Check out this video of teams planning, building, and launching projectiles in one of our most exciting team building programs, Catapult!

Build-a-Wheelchair®: Video of the Week

Amongst the noisier elements of the Build-a-Wheelchair® charitable CSR program we’ve developed – the trivia answering, chair building, and obstacle course racing – is a lovely quiet moment where members of each team decorate the wheelchair for its worthy recipient. In this video, there’s a beautiful drawing, which says “May these wheels take you on your heart’s journey.”  It’s a heartwarming reminder that in addition to the fun and teamwork, participants are also doing genuine good.

Build-a-Raft Competition: Video of the Week

Pool noodles and inner tubes are not a typical part of most office environments, which makes the Build-a-Raft Competition program featured in this video, out of the box fun! Perfect for a variety of water environments, this program helps teams discover skills they didn’t know they had, with unusual challenges and unexpected materials. Check out how much fun the groups are having!

Bike Build Donation with iPads®: Video of the Week

We’ve updated the tried and true bicycle donation program with the latest in technology: Apple® iPads®! Now not only do groups build strong teams while building bikes and take part in the heartwarming presentation of the bikes to deserving children, but they also use our proprietary SmartHunt app to progress through the program. No paper garbage, no muss. It’s the latest innovation in one of the most popular charitable corporate events of all time and we’re proud to have innovated it!

We Put the Team in TeamBuilding

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” -Japanese proverb

Having met and worked with so many DMCs, planners, and corporate managers, we know that those who make their living organizing events are already experts at the details of their job: working with clients, knowing the logistics of their destination, building upon their connections to various industries to arrange a conference or meeting perfectly. So they’re always delighted to find that we here at Best TeamBuilding add to the ease and quality of their work.

Why?  Because we’re experts at what we do, too. As the largest team building company in America, we have deep roots, experienced facilitators, and innovative delivery systems, all of which means that we augment what they are already doing.  Our team’s expertise supports their team’s expertise, which supports the client’s eventual improved teamwork thanks to our effective programs.

In short, we help those who help companies thrive.  We help planners plan.  And we put the team in team building!

A Minute 2 Win It: Video of the Week

There is almost nothing funnier than watching someone try to move a cookie from his or her forehead to his or her mouth using nothing but facial muscles.  Go ahead, grab a cookie from the kitchen and try it in a mirror.  Tilt your head back and, without using your hands, get it moving.  It’s genuinely challenging, unusually fun, and just one of the many wacky tasks groups might get to take on when they do our A Minute 2 Win It program.  Get a taste of some of the others, which all use household items to set up a surprising challenge, in this energetic video!