Best Corporate Events Holds Semi-Annual Meeting

Every six months, key Best Corporate Events teammates from around the country meet for a 4-day brainstorming session at our Florida headquarters. Here they are!
Left to right standing: Diane Hendricks (Information Technology), Celia Delgo (Sales Coordinator), Paul Petrus (Sales Manager), Deirdre Assanti (Production Southeast), Thomas Boles (Accounting/SalesForce), Roy Charette (Northeast Regional Partner), Joe Groves (Director of SmartHunts Facilitation), Cathy Ruales (Business Manager), Bryan Burns (COO SmartHunts), Trish Flynn (Assistant to CEO), Scott Flynn (CEO)
Left to right seated: Christine Roberson (DMC Division Manager), Ray Assanti (Southwest Regional Partner), Dyanne DiRosario (California Regional Partner), Phil Valentine (Director of Celebrity SmartHunts).  

Great Dining® Competition: Video of the Week

When teams are tasked with developing a recipe, competing with their colleagues for the best taste and presentation, suddenly everyone is engaged and energized. Check out this video, where 650 participants decorate, design, cook, present, and cheer! We can adjust the Great Dining® program to be as simple (just cold appetizers or tapas, perhaps?) or as complex (how about a full gourmet seven-course meal?) as your location and schedule allow, so it’s always a perfect fit for groups seeking a fun and delicious corporate event!

Teamwork in Unexpected Places: Pageant of the Masters

“The music soars. The curtains open. The audience gasps.” –Josh Jenisch, in his article Masterpiece Theater, Westways Magazine

When someone tosses out the word “team,” the listener often first thinks of the most common uses, like a sports team or an expedition.  But any company or group uses teamwork, and the programs we offer strengthen their bonds no matter what field they’re in.  As part of our continuing series highlighting teams working in interesting situations, let’s take a look at the extraordinary Pageant of the Masters, a theatrical performance which combines live “living statue” actors and carefully-crafted sets to recreate incredible works of art in person, each held for a few minutes.

According to a recent article, the number of people who collaborate to create this breathtaking spectacle is staggering.  It requires over 60,000 volunteer hours and over 6 months of planning each year to put together the costumes, make-up plots, sets, and designs.  That means hundreds of pounds of clay, plaster, paint, sponges, and muslin in the hands of many hundreds of experts.  Not just one but two full casts rotate through the show.  There are over 120 volunteers just in the make-up department.  And all of this has been running smoothly for 80 years!

We know from experience that no matter the field you’re in, teamwork is vital, and our corporate events truly do help, so you can head back to work invigorated, inspired, and ready to be the masters of your craft!

Operation Military Care: Video of the Week

Our Operation Military Care program combines the best of corporate social responsibility with the finest team building activities, culminating in a heartwarming thank you speech from a military officer who details what these care packages will mean to the enlisted men and women who will soon receive them. If the sight of the hundreds of boxes in this video, decorated to look like an American flag, somehow fails to warm your heart, consider too that each contains a hand-written note from a participant, thanking the recipient for his or her service, and that every team member goes home knowing that at some point soon, there will be just a bit more joy and comfort in the world thanks to their work and generosity. It’s a moving experience of teamwork and charitableness that motivates your group for a long time thereafter!

Best TeamBuilding and SmartHunts in Meetings Focus Magazine

“We just did a program… where half their group was in Calgary and the other half in New Orleans. They did a hunt together in two countries in two time zones!” – Best TeamBuilding CEO Scott Flynn, as quoted in the article

Last month, Meetings Focus magazine interviewed our CEO Scott Flynn for a piece about how technology has changed the face of team building.  The article, written by Paul D. Kretkowski, starts with our trademarked SmartHunts, the only offering which includes an iPad for every team.  It discusses the advantages of a paper-free program: it’s more immersive, better for the planet, can change on the fly, automatically uploads media and tallies scores, memorializes the event with photos and videos shot from the team’s iPads, and can incorporate local landmarks or present company knowledge in a fun way.

We are always delighted to get to enthusiastically share what we’ve spent several years developing into the only iPad-based proprietary scavenger hunt around – and why we believe its advantages make it one of the best, most technologically-advanced corporate events on earth!

Fiesta Fun™: Video of the Week

Did you know your group can now add iPads® to the Fiesta Fun!™ program for free? This is already an event that strengthens bonds, builds trust, and forces creative problem-solving as teams compete to craft the best salsa, guacamole, and margaritas/sangria. With the addition of our proprietary SmartHunts App® you get extra high-tech elements like multimedia challenges and live score tracking. Check out this video to see why Fiesta Fun is one of our most exciting offerings!

The Music of Teamwork

“We spend millions of dollars on sports because it promotes teamwork, discipline, and the experience of learning to make great progress in small increments. Learning to play music does all this and more.” –Linda Ronstadt

Whether your music career ended with mandatory recorder lessons in fourth grade or you’re currently a world-class virtuoso, you know that creative collaboration enhances the experience for both the participants and the listeners.  In other words, a fifty-person orchestra soaring all at once creates a sound that’s often more powerful than one single timpani player or bassoonist could make on his or her own.

For those in the corporate world, the metaphor is apt: only with a team working in unison, each applying their particular expertise in a prescribed way that works with the whole, can there be harmony. The programs we offer require no skill with a musical instrument, but they do apply this principle to carefully-crafted activities that help team members listen to each other, find their strengths, see where they fit into the big picture, and avoid cacophony. And that’s music to everyone’s ears!

Mural of the World®: Video of the Week

If you’ve never seen the Mural of the World® – or even any one of its individual four-by-eight-foot paintings – in person, this video gives a taste of just how impressive it is. With the signatures of thousands of participants filling the borders of each canvas, this collection is an incredible display of teamwork, philanthropy, and art. There’s simply nothing else like it.

Making Your Team Smarter

“One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain’t nothin’ can beat teamwork.” –Edward Abbey

Edward Abbey may have had a particular target in mind when he said the above quote, but it can, unfortunately, apply almost universally. Any group working together towards one goal is stronger, faster, and more able to get things done than one person could be by himself or herself – but if that goal happens to be wrong-minded or counterproductive, they’re just reaching the edge of the cliff at a brisker pace.

This applies in two ways to what we here at Best TeamBuilding and Corporate Events offer.  First, we’ve assembled a team of some of the country’s most experienced facilitators and program creators to make sure that every exercise participants take part in during our corporate events is actually useful, not just silliness or time-wasting.  Your groups truly bond, collaborate, and learn, racing towards a worthwhile outcome.  Second, by forging these connections, your team returns to the office better able to communicate and pinpoint problems before they’ve spread, which means you’re less likely to stumble down an incorrect path together.  It’s one of the long-term beneficial takeaways from our professional development programs, and we’re proud to say it truly works.

Chili Cook-Off: Video of the Week

For teams seeking an upbeat and fun event that brings out the creativity in the participants, Chili Cook-Off is a perfect option. In addition to the freedom each group has to craft their own chili recipe, this video shows some incredibly clever innovations, including teams balancing displays on beer bottles, wine glasses carefully stacked three tiers high as decoration, and even a dollar bill as a fake bribe for each judge! Though of course we make sure the final tally is determined based on merit, everyone’s a winner when teams get to be inventive and resourceful throughout.