SmartHunts®: Video of the Week

There are a lot of reasons that SmartHunts® are a step beyond a regular old phone-based scavenger hunt, and every one of those reasons contributes to why we’re the only choice for a company seeking a high-tech, high-energy program.  See those iPads throughout the video below? We provide those to every participating team, pre-loaded with our proprietary app, which no other team building company offers. While other folks rely on text, our SmartHunts can use video, photos, mapping, QR codes, messaging, and interactive clues to create an experience unlike any other!

Progressive Networking Events: Video of the Week

We’re large group specialists here at Best TeamBuilding and Corporate Events, offering many programs to a thousand participants or more, but whether your group is 80 or 800, this Progressive Networking program is incredibly powerful. As you can see in the video, there are numerous rotations from group to group, so people are meeting, interacting with, learning about, and getting to trust multiple colleagues in a row. It’s speed networking and it works! Companies who have recently merged or brought on new staff, or those whose existing bonds could use some strengthening, will find this program to be a perfect fit. The energy in the room is simply stunning!

BizBash Features Best TeamBuilding’s SmartHunts

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” -Mattie Stepanek

When BizBash, one of the top news sources for event planning and ideas, recently wrote an article about the future of scavenger hunts being in high-tech options, we knew we were doing something right. In fact, we are the only team building company to offer iPads® with a proprietary SmartHunts app to every team who takes part in a SmartHunt, and BizBash interviewed us about that, ultimately putting us first on their list of Digital Scavenger Hunts. We agree that they are “a great way to get people interacting and collaborating” – and our years of experience perfecting our iPad app and refining our programs mean that we are ready to rock even large groups and teams based in multiple cities!

Pipeline: Video of the Week

If your company has deliverables that go through many departments before they are completed, Pipeline is the program for you. It’s easy to see in the video below that teams are not only communicating, planning, and problem solving together, but are also collaborating with the other teams, forming a cohesive whole. It’s a great analogy for what many companies do every day, and Pipeline truly works when it comes to goal setting and then achieving those goals successfully. Plus, it’s a chance to play with marbles! (Who could say no to that?)

SmartHunts Introduces Entertainment Hunts in Las Vegas

SmartHunts were already the most high-tech team building scavenger hunts offered anywhere – no other company offers iPads to every team with the proprietary SmartHunts app that offers challenges, tracks points, and collects photos and videos in real-time!  Now, we’ve upped the ante, in sizzling Las Vegas, with added entertainment that’s truly “outside the box”.  Teams start in our partner company’s locations (Planet Hollywood® or Bucca di Beppo®) and interact with incredible celebrity look-a-likes on their journey that truly brings the activities to life.  It’s team building like never before, and of course includes a full meal in addition to all the fun.

Check out Planet Hollywood’s Celebrity SmartHunt and Buca di Beppo’s Dinner with the Mob SmartHunt, plus lots more about our other high-tech corporate events, at!

Medal Games: Video of the Week

For teams with lots of energy who are ready for a physical challenge, we offer the very popular program Medal Games, which takes groups through a multitude of fun activities designed to bright about trust and creative problem solving. We’re often asked whether the winners truly win medals and the answer is: YES! Whether or not there are actual podiums at the location, every member of the top three teams receives a real medal, placed grandly over his or her head, in celebration of their group’s teamwork. Check out the amazing time being had by all in this video.

High-Tech Team Building with Free iPad® Upgrade

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry Ford

Best TeamBuilding now offers our most popular charitable programs with iPads® at no additional cost! We are not only the nation’s largest team building company, but also the only one that offers our proprietary iPad app to supplement many of our incredible programs. Those who order Bike Build Donation, Charity Mini-Golf, or We Care for Kids, amongst many other charitable CSR options, get the free iPad upgrade included. We’re proud to offer the most high-tech team building available anywhere, and teams appreciate the bonus of this powerful green (no paper) and challenging (trivia and other brain-food activities) addition to our charitable programming!

Great Dining® Competition: Video of the Week

Part of the magic of our Great Dining Competition is how incredibly customizable it is to our client’s needs. We can produce it for 50 participants or over 1,000 (in this video, you can see a ballroom with over 750 ‘chefs’ enthusiastically taking part!) and set up the menu and ingredients so that anything from simple hors d’oeuvres to a full seven-course meal is prepared. We’re proud that our experts arrange the perfect set-up and size each and every time!

Three Outdoor Team Building Events to Shake Off the Winter Blues

This year on Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil forecasted an early spring, so it’s about time to enjoy the promise of that warm weather. Though some parts of the country have had lingering snowstorms, we’re finally facing the last of the chilly forecasts.  What better way to embrace the sunshine than by planning your next corporate team building event? We offer numerous spectacular outdoor programs!

Amazing Chase
An event that can be held virtually anywhere, including a hotel or resort property, public park or city, Amazing Chase is a series of fun activities, including photo and stunt challenges for groups broken up into teams of 5-10. Race around a customized route completing the activities as you go, using your team’s own strategies to try and be declared the Amazing Chase Champions!

“The Amazing Chase was simply: amazing. We thought it would be a fun outdoor event but the structure of the program really brought out the unique strengths of the individuals on each team. Our group had a great time with your well organized program. Thank you so much!” -Stella, Honeywell International

Nothing announces ‘spring has arrived’ like running through a historic location or interesting venue in the sunshine!  Our SmartHunts are the most technologically-advanced scavenger hunts available, as we’re the only company that uses Apple iPads and our proprietary app to send teams out into the warm weather with an incredible array of challenges, trivia, and goals — all while keeping track of their locations as they explore the area.

“Many thanks to all of you for building and executing a great SmartHunts event for our attendees. The iPads were great and the slide show and videos at the end of the event were a terrific hit!” -Sue, Macy’s Inc.

Build-a-Raft Competition
In this high-energy program, teams compete to create, transport, and launch their own watercraft!  Perfect for outdoor pools, lakes, or even the ocean, this team building event makes the most of a wide open location and a bright sunny day!

“I had to pass along that our staff is still buzzing about the Build-a-Raft Competition last week. Everyone had a great time. The outdoor adventure was just outstanding, a real lifetime memory. Who would have thought that you could build boats out of the materials provided and then race them in the river. AMAZING!” -Matt, Penske Automotive

Game Shows: Video of the Week

We offer four incredible Game Show programs, each entirely customizable.  From Game Show Frenzy, where teams form ‘families’ and then feud, to Corporate Training Game Show, where your guests learn and retain vital company information, our experts bring an incredible, high-tech, fully interactive game show right to you! (We’re the only company that has integrated audience response keypads entirely into all these programs, too.)  Take a look at some corporate teams having an absolute blast in this video!