Competition to Collaboration™: Video of the Week

Best TeamBuilding’s extraordinary program Competition to Collaboration™ offers your team the opportunity to explore several amazing aspects of corporate improvement: not only will everyone have a blast working together to excel at challenging tasks, but they will also discover the power of sharing their knowledge with each other.  So even as they’re jumping for joy and high-fiving each other (see the video below) they’re learning the true meaning of Ken Blanchard’s saying “none of us is as smart as all of us” – and they are bound to apply that improved mindset when back at work.  The feedback about this program is incredible!

On Gamification

Elizabeth Henderson’s insightful article (for ONE+, the official magazine of MPI) about how gamification can drive businesses, governments, and teams forward towards productivity is worth a read.  We really resonated with her thoughts on “incorporating gaming strategy into events”. Not surprisingly, this is exactly what we do with all of our events. Everything from our corporate team building activities to SmartHunts to our various charitable programs and culinary events are designed to jump start an improvement in employee interaction and cooperation.  In a future blog, we’ll also discuss how huge entities like Fortune 500 companies and the United States Government are offering gaming with competitive prizes to improve the odds of success in the marketplace.