Bike Build Donation with iPads®: Video of the Week

Though we are always proud when one of our clients chooses a charitable giving program and gives back to the community, it is particularly poignant when we hear back from recipients of those donations. After a recent Bike Build Donation program, during which teams collaborated on uniquely fast-paced, high-tech challenges only Best TeamBuilding® and our cache of iPads can offer, our charity contact told us about some of the kids who received the bikes. Talk about heartwarming!

Here’s Asia’s story, as we were told it: an only child, Asia lives alone with her mom, who is fighting cancer. Since most of the family’s money has gone to medical bills, they were not expecting to be able to give each other gifts this year. When the bike, helmet, and lock were delivered to Asia’s house, her mom started to cry from gratitude. Asia, of course, is thrilled and can’t wait to learn how to ride her very first bicycle.

We are delighted to offer so many charitable CSR programs and honored to be a part of the incredible stories that unfold when our corporate clients choose to give back.

Build a Bike CSR team building programClick image for the Bike Build Donation with iPads video and information page!

We Care For Kids™: Video of the Week

For those seeking CSR team building activities, look no further than our We Care For Kids™ charitable program. Fully customizable, it offers the perfect mix of teamwork, philanthropy, and social responsibility – plus an incredible amount of fun and a dose of heartwarming delight. Check out the video: the beaming faces of the kids who receive the rocking chairs, reading benches, bikes, stuffed animals, or trauma care packages is only matched by the beaming faces of the corporate teams who put all those gifts together!


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

Many experts in fields from sales and team dynamics to productivity and weight loss discuss the idea of having at least one person to whom you are accountable. Whatever the task or goal, it’s simply more likely to reach completion if there are regular check-ins with someone else. Some have dubbed this person an “accountabilibuddy” – a cute word combination of the idea of accountability with that of a buddy, obviously.

Whatever you call the co-worker filling this vital role, however, he or she serves an important function in getting work done. We love when we hear feedback that our Best TeamBuilding® programs have forged stronger bonds between teammates, especially when accountabilibuddies (that’s a mouthful!) are now more comfortable, more focused, and more productive when working together.

Fiesta Fun Team Builder: Video of the Week

Your team has never taken part in a team building program quite like this! Watch as they dance to upbeat music, make delectable food and beverages, present their team and its creations, and face great themed surprises – all with the flair of Mexico! The sombrero-wearing, parody-singing, recipe contest teams in this video are having a seriously delicious time.