Team Building Games: A Minute 2 Win It! Video of the Week

What do the following phrases have in common? Nose Dive. Hoop Dance. Card Ninja. Separation Anxiety.  Give up?  They are all hilarious games that may be played during a fast-paced program called A Minute 2 Win It!  Check out this video of teams dealing with everyday items (from balloons to cotton balls to plastic cups) in unique and challenging ways.  Sneaking in serious teamwork while everyone’s having an absolute blast?  Priceless!

Game Show Team Building Events: Video of the Week

Most game show-themed team building events involve only a few participants at a time: those who are currently up on stage.  Not ours.  We offer some of the most technologically advanced game show programs available anywhere and they involve every single person in the room thanks to our hand-held interactive keypads.  And as large group specialists, Best TeamBuilding can run Game Shows for over 1000 guests at a time, creating big fun for big groups!  Check out the video!

Fun team building events for large corporate groups, Game Shows
Click image for the Corporate Game Shows video and information page!

On Gamification

Elizabeth Henderson’s insightful article (for ONE+, the official magazine of MPI) about how gamification can drive businesses, governments, and teams forward towards productivity is worth a read.  We really resonated with her thoughts on “incorporating gaming strategy into events”. Not surprisingly, this is exactly what we do with all of our events. Everything from our corporate team building activities to SmartHunts to our various charitable programs and culinary events are designed to jump start an improvement in employee interaction and cooperation.  In a future blog, we’ll also discuss how huge entities like Fortune 500 companies and the United States Government are offering gaming with competitive prizes to improve the odds of success in the marketplace.