Competition to Collaboration™: Video of the Week

Best TeamBuilding’s extraordinary program Competition to Collaboration™ offers your team the opportunity to explore several amazing aspects of corporate improvement: not only will everyone have a blast working together to excel at challenging tasks, but they will also discover the power of sharing their knowledge with each other.  So even as they’re jumping for joy and high-fiving each other (see the video below) they’re learning the true meaning of Ken Blanchard’s saying “none of us is as smart as all of us” – and they are bound to apply that improved mindset when back at work.  The feedback about this program is incredible!

Game Show Team Building Events: Video of the Week

Most game show-themed team building events involve only a few participants at a time: those who are currently up on stage.  Not ours.  We offer some of the most technologically advanced game show programs available anywhere and they involve every single person in the room thanks to our hand-held interactive keypads.  And as large group specialists, Best TeamBuilding can run Game Shows for over 1000 guests at a time, creating big fun for big groups!  Check out the video!

Fun team building events for large corporate groups, Game Shows
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SmartHunts® Challenge – Find Paul Blart: Mall Cop

During one of our SmartHunts® programs in Washington, D.C., a team following the hunt map on their iPad® wound up in a mall. Their first challenge was to shoot video of someone using one of their company’s products.

At a recent SmartHunts event in Washington, DC teams were challenged to find a Paul Blart: Mall Cop lookalike.They looked around, and then one of their sharp-eyed team members started pointing and shouting excitedly in the direction of a rather rotund mall cop, who was holding one of the walkie-talkies their company makes.  As soon as they started shooting video of him, the man noticed and strode over, suspicious.  “Give me that,” he said gruffly, insisting that they let him hold the iPad so he could see what was on it.

They complied and started to explain about the high-tech scavenger hunt they were on, but fell off into silence when they saw what the cop was angrily staring at.  To the left of the video screen was a list of challenges the team hadn’t gotten to yet. The very next challenge was to videotape someone who looked like Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

As a few team members quietly giggled, the cop solemnly handed back the iPad, growled they should “leave the premises immediately,” and pulled out his walkie-talkie to call for backup.

The team won the Best Clip Award for videotaping themselves getting chased out of a mall by a cop who was using their company’s own product!

More about SmartHunts.

Bridge to the Future: Video of the Week

In a recent Bridge to the Future program, when we opened by telling a packed conference room of 500 people that they would be building a 215-foot bridge using only cardboard and duct tape, they laughed.

When we told them we were going to drive over their completed bridge in a full-size golf cart with their CEO sitting shotgun, they gasped.

When we told them our Bridge to the Future program would end with all 500 of them standing on the bridge at the same time, they finally realized we weren’t kidding.

You have to check out this video! Bridge to the Future is another trademarked program of Best TeamBuilding® – the leader in innovative corporate events.